Case Study

From $0 Profit To $2.7K Profit in a Month:

Our mission was clear: turn around a client’s struggling Amazon Advertising campaign, which was running at a loss. In just 30 days, we not only achieved profitability but also saw remarkable growth.

Project Overview

  • Client Concern: Running a loss-making Amazon Advertising campaign
  • Goal: Achieve profitability and drive growth within 30 days


To meet this challenge, we implemented a comprehensive strategy:

  1. Spine Method: We employed our effective “Spine Method” to provide a strong backbone to the campaign, ensuring stability and growth.
  2. Diverse Ad Types: To boost sales, we diversified our ad types, including Banner Ads, Video Ads, and Store Ads, reaching a wider audience.
  3. Advanced PPC Backend: By implementing an advanced PPC backend, we pinpointed and eliminated wasteful spending, optimizing the budget for profitability.
  4. PAT for Competitive Edge: Leveraging Product Attribute Targeting (PAT), we captured competitor traffic on challenging and cost-effective keywords, boosting visibility.
  5. Self-Defensive Measures: To safeguard our sales, we implemented self-defensive strategies, ensuring a strong position in the market.

Product Details

  • Niche: Home & Kitchen
  • Variations: 3 (Small $69.99, Medium $129.99, Large $169.99)
  • Profit Margin: Average 36% across all variations


Our strategic approach led to outstanding results:

  • Sales Growth: Achieved an impressive 60% increase in sales within a month.
  • Loss to Profit: Transformed the client’s $445 (4%) loss into a $1.2K (8%) profit with a reduced ACOS of 28%.
  • Total Profit Surge: Elevated total profits from $2K to $8K, marking a phenomenal 300% growth.


The journey wasn’t without its obstacles:

  1. Limited Time: Overcame the challenge of a tight 30-day timeframe to make the PPC campaign profitable.
  2. Underutilized Ad Types: The initial neglect of other ad types like Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display, which were crucial for reaching a broader audience.
  3. Targeting Issues: Faced difficulties due to messed-up targeting strategies, requiring quick adjustments.
  4. Budget Inefficiencies: Identified and rectified significant wasteful budget spending.
  5. Underutilized Features: The client was not making the most of available placements and neglected negative targeting options.


In just 30 days, we not only met but exceeded our goal, turning a struggling Amazon Advertising campaign into a profitable venture. This journey involved strategic planning, optimization, and overcoming challenges, ultimately resulting in substantial growth and success for our client.

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