Case Study

Spine Method Increased 100% Sales for Home & Kitchen Brand in 1 Month:

In November, we were approached by a client with a unique challenge. They had a product with a 30% profit margin and aimed to boost sales by 80% within 30 days, all while keeping the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) below 25%.

Project Overview

  • Client Goal: Boost sales by 80% within 30 days
  • Initial Situation:
    • Profit: ₹19K
    • Monthly Sales: ₹100K
    • Target: Increase sales to ₹180K within a month


The task was not without its hurdles:

  • High CPC: Managing high Cost-Per-Click rates effectively
  • New Market: The client was new to the Indian Amazon market
  • Knowledge Gaps: Limited understanding of bid optimization and customer behavior

Thorough Analysis

To address these challenges, we conducted a comprehensive analysis:

  • Keywords Research: Identified high-potential keywords
  • Account and PPC Campaign Audit: Assessed the current state and potential improvements
  • Market & Product Analysis: Gauged competitiveness and market space

Strategies Implemented

We deployed a series of targeted strategies to meet the client’s goals:

  • Tailored “Spine Method”: Our proprietary approach to campaign optimization
  • New Keywords: Introduced high-potential keywords to the campaigns
  • Re-Marketing Campaigns: Boosted repeat orders through targeted re-marketing
  • Bid Adjustments: Strategically adjusted bids based on individual keyword CPCs

Exceeding Sales Goals

Our efforts led to outstanding results:

  • Sales Surge: Sales increased from ₹100K to ₹200K in just one month
  • Growth Achieved: Achieved 100% growth in sales, surpassing the 80% target

Improved Efficiency

In addition to boosting sales, we maintained exceptional efficiency:

  • ACOS Management: Kept ACOS at a lower-than-expected 17%
  • Increased Profit: Generated ₹25K in profit from PPC campaigns in November


Despite facing high CPC rates and the challenges of navigating a new market, our strategic approach and precise adjustments led to exceptional growth. Doubling sales within the specified timeframe while maintaining profitable ads showcases the effectiveness of well-tailored strategies in the Indian Amazon market.

Seeking Similar Sales Growth with Efficient Ad Spending?

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