Case Study

Spine Method Increased 250% Sales for Home & Kitchen Brand in 1 Month:

In late October, a client approached us with a simple goal: to increase sales on Amazon. Initially, they weren’t too excited but decided to hire us to see what we could achieve. Before our intervention, the client was making only $4K with 219 orders, generating minimal profit.

Project Overview

  • Client Goal: Increase Amazon sales
  • Initial Sales: $4K with 219 orders
  • Profit: Minimal

Strategies Implemented

We introduced our secret recipe, the “Spine Method,” and set to work with a comprehensive approach:

  1. Diverse Ad Types: Utilized various ad formats to capture a wider audience.
  2. Prime Ad Placements: Chose better spots for ad visibility and effectiveness.
  3. Targeting Optimization: Adjusted how we targeted customers to ensure precision.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Eliminated unnecessary spending and tried innovative targeting methods.


We faced several challenges during the campaign:

  • Client Preferences: The client was hesitant about using certain ad types and had preferred specific placements.
  • Targeting Issues: Avoiding ads for the wrong audience required constant adjustments.

A Huge Turnaround in Just a Month

Despite these challenges, the results were remarkable:

  • Sales Surge: Client’s sales soared from $4K to $14K.
  • Order Increase: Orders jumped from 219 to 791.
  • Profit Growth: While profit margins remained stable, total profit increased from $400-$500 to $3K.

Turning Goals into Reality

Our “Spine Method” worked wonders, transforming a struggling Amazon store into a success story. Facing challenges head-on with innovative strategies delivered outstanding results.


Our simple yet effective strategies can turn small goals into big successes. If you’re looking to boost your Amazon sales and achieve impressive growth, let’s chat! Our team is here to help your brand thrive.